Datawind Launches the Ultraportable UbiSurfer

Datawind Launched the Ultraportable UbiSurfer
The always online UbiSurfer from DatawindUK based wireless technology provider Datawind today launched a netbook that allows users to remain connected to the internet anywhere in the UK. The UbiSurfer gives users multiple avenues to access the internet.
Datawind’s PocketSurfer devices have been the precursors to today’s netbooks and when introduced, they made the internet affordable and accessible to all. There have been three versions of the PocketSurfer till date, with the third one being introduced today alongside the UbiSurfer.
The highly portable netbook comes with an embedded SIM card and GPRS modem, which gives the system access to high speed internet at any location with a mobile signal. The initial price of £159.99 for the UbiSurfer also carries a bundled 30 hours per month of free internet surfing on the Vodafone network for a year. A second year of 30 hours per month will cost £29.99.
For those who require more hours on the internet, an additional £5.99 a month will get them unlimited access from Vodafone. When travelling abroad to the US or continental Europe, users will have to pay 5p for every minute of internet access. A discount is possible in this price too if it is purchased in advance.
Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are the other means available to users for getting online. The 7in UbiSurfer is a super-light 700gms and comes with only 1GB of internal storage on its SSD. Users however, have the benefit of free 25GB of online storage which is part of the bundle.
A specially developed Linux OS brings applications such as web browsing, calendar, media player, XIP Office, PDF viewer, Email, Paint and Games to the UbiSurfer. Also included in the features are an SD/SDHC card reader, and three USB ports. This allows users to expand their memory capacity and applications’ range with a USB or SD Flash memory device. Available in polished black or rubberised black finishes, the UbiSurfer reportedly has a battery life of four hours at a full charge.
Talking about the new device, Datawind CEO Suneet S. Tuli said, “Our main driver as a company is to offer free internet to everyone, everywhere. With the UbiSurfer we are offering 30 hours a month of free usage and we mean free, no hidden costs, no wires and no contract. It’s this that sets us apart from others in the market.”
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