MSI gives their Claw Gaming handheld another performance boost

New BIOS and software updates give the MSI Claw another major performance boost

MSI has delivered another major performance boost to their Claw gaming handheld, delivering up to 30% more performance thanks to a new BIOS update and changes to the company’s MSI Center M software. Now, the Claw can “smoothly play all of the top 100 popular games on the Steam platform”, which is an amazing feat for this Intel-powered device.

Below, we can see that MSI has delivered major performance gains across a range of titles. Forza Horizon 5 now runs 30% faster. Helldivers 2 now runs 20% faster, and Fortnite now runs 28% faster. In time, future Intel driver updates may boost these numbers further, as could further BIOS enhancements.

(Images from MSI)

This is not the first time that MSI has delivered a huge performance boost for Claw users. Last time, MSI delivered 5-150% performance gains in games thanks to Claw BIOS updates and Intel iGPU driver updates. Now, MSI claims that their device is 26% faster than ASUS’ ROG Ally on average. You can see MSI’s data below.

MSI plans to continue updating their Claw handheld with new BIOS updates and changes tot heir MSI Center M software. Add on Intel’s continued GPU driver support, and we should expect the MSI Claw to become more stable and performant over time. That said, it remains to be seen how much untapped potential the Claw still has.

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