Samsung Debuts Germ-free R270 Notebook

Samsung Debuts Germ-free R270 Notebook
The anti-bacterial coating on the keyboard keeps the R270 germ-freeSamsung today unveiled its new R270 notebook to augment its R-Series; the notebook features an HD screen and 3D sound. With a special coating on the keyboard, Samsung claims the notebook is virtually germ-free.
Powered by an Intel Core 2 processor (the exact one is still a secret) and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4650 card for dedicated graphics, the R270 is designed to be a gamers’ and movie buffs’ delight. The 17.3in LED screen gives the notebook extended battery life, while the 16:9 ratio display makes for excellent contrast and colour.
The 4W stereo speakers with subwoofer create 3D sound effect, providing perfect ambience for home entertainment. The inclusion of Samsung’s Sound Retrieval System further enhances the SRS virtual surround sound effect when audio is routed through headphones.
The notebook does not lack on the connectivity side of things either. It has four USB 2.0 ports and a USB – eSATA combination port that allows transfers of up to 3GB/second. Samsung has even kept the need to charge external devices in mind – it has supplied the notebook with a chargeable USB port that can be used even when the system is turned off.
With all of these high-end features, Samsung has also paid attention to the health aspect of things; the keyboard comes coated with an anti-bacterial layer which reportedly keeps the keyboard and the laptop virtually germ-free. Though bizarre, it does sound like a good inclusion as most of us are not too concerned about keeping our laptops clear of germs.
The R270 will hit retail in the UK sometime in July, though pricing details have not been revealed yet.
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