We were hands on with ASUS’ ROG Ally X at Computex 2024

ASUS’ ROG Ally X is more than just a RAM and battery upgrade

At Computex 2024, we’ve had the opportunity to get hands on with ASUS’ new ROG Ally X handheld. This is an upgraded version of ASUS’ original Ally that offers users upgraded cooling, ergonomics, battery life, and more. While the system uses the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor as before, this device represents a major upgrade for handheld enthusiasts.

ASUS has confirmed that pre-orders for this new handheld start today, and that it will be available in July.  The device will ship with 3 months of Game Pass, and will be available for $799.

Hardware Upgrades

Both the original Ally and the Ally X feature the same CPU and display. That’s the reason why the ROG Ally X is the ROG Ally X and not the ROG Ally 2. The X is an enthusiast version of the original Ally, offering users faster RAM, 50% more RAM (24GB in total), and several other key hardware upgrades.

Note that the ROG Ally X supports M.2 2280 SSDs. This means that users can use the handheld with much larger storage devices. If you wanted to, you could upgrade the Ally X with an 8TB M.2 SSD. That’s nuts!

We will note that the ROG Ally X is a larger device than its predecessor, but it doesn’t feel much heavier hands on. The device is 11.5% heavier than before, but that extra weight gives users a much later battery.

ASUS’ new Ally X features a 80Wh battery, which is two times larger than the 40Wh battery in the original Ally. This will allow Ally X users to game for much longer without charging.

Ally X users will be able to configure how much of the device’s memory is dedicated to device’s CPU and GPU. By default, the device has 16GB dedicated to the CPU and 8GB dedicated to the GPU. Note that this Ally X also has LPDDR5 memory that is 17.2% faster than the original ROG Ally. That’s a big upgrade for any memory-limited workloads.

Superior cooling

ASUS has upgraded the ROG Ally X with new fans that deliver much more airflow within a smaller form factor. The Ally X features new fans that a 23% smaller and can deliver 10% more airflow. They also take in airflow from more areas, allowing ASUS to cool the Ally X’s 120Hz screen.

Below we can see the new airflow pattern of the Ally X. You can see how the handheld’s new design cools the device’s screen. This reduces screen thermals and should help prolong the lifespan of the Ally X. Screen thermals were not a problem with the original Ally, but increased airflow throughout the handheld has its perks.

ASUS claims that their new ROG Ally is “Cooler Inside and Out”. The device offers up to 24% more airflow than the original, and ASUS claims that their 120Hz screen runs up to 6 degrees cooler than before. Thermals are greatly improved with the Ally X, which is great news for users.

More Ports

The ROG Ally X features two USB Type-C ports at the top of the device. The port on the right is a Thunderbolt 4 port, and the port on the left is a USB 3.2 Gen 2 connection. Both ports support DisplayPort 1.4 and Power Delivery 3.0, but the Thunderbolt 4 port features additional bandwidth for connected devices.

Having more ports allows the Ally X to be connected to more devices, which is great news for anyone who uses their ROG Ally with a dock. At a minimum, it allows other devices to be connected to the Ally X while charging, which is a big deal for such a powerful handheld.

ASUS has an ROG charger

When discussing the ROG Ally X’s ports, the company were quick to mention that they have a 140W Universal charging solution that supports the ROG Ally and other devices. If you want ultra-fast charging, this is the ROG product for you.

ASUS has also created a premium case for their new ROG Ally X. That said, it is sized to accommodate either the X or the original ROG Ally. It will keep your Ally and its accessories safe during transport.

ASUS had several ROG Ally X devices at their booth to let us hold the device and play some games using it. After some hands on with the ROG Ally X, we can confirm that the device is a lot more comfortable to use than the original. That said, the original ROG Ally was already pretty comfortable. Its ergonomic improvements minimise the impact of the handheld’s extra weight, so much so that you would barely notice the change without an original Ally to switch back to.

Armour Crate – An upgrade for both the Ally and the Ally X

In July 2024, ASUS will be releasing an upgraded version of their Armoury Crate SE software. This will give users a better UI with more customisation options. The upgrade will also give Ally users access to new functions.

This upgraded version of Armoury Crate will be available for both the original ROG Ally and the ROG Ally X.

Overall, the ROG Ally X is a big upgrade over the original. While the CPU and screen remain the same, all the finer details of the device have been changed for the better. The X feels better to hold, and its larger battery life will allow gamers to use it for longer without a charge. Beyond that, the device’s extra (and faster) memory will allow the device to play games with more intensive settings and with better performance. That said, the Ally X will not be much faster than its predecessor.

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