Antec AMP SP1 Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Review

Antec SP1 Review

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There is nothing quite like simplicity, and the SP1 has it in spades. A clear plastic box with white cardboard is very much the in thing, and wouldn’t look out of place in your local HMV or Apple Store. As well as the SP1 itself you get a USB charging cable and a 3.5mm jack cable for those of you whose weapon of choice doesn’t support Bluetooth connection.

Antec SP1 Review    Antec SP1 Review  

Antec SP1 Review     Antec SP1 Review   

Using the SP1 is extremely simple. Just charge it up, turn it on, and either connect your device with the supplied cable, or hold down the middle button on the top for a few seconds until the power LED flashes, pair it up on your device, and you’re off and running.

Antec SP1 Review    Antec SP1 Review

With such a small size it fits in a coat pocket easily enough so you can let everybody hear your eclectic taste in music, even in the local coffee shop.

Antec SP1 Review    Antec SP1 Review