ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC Headset Review

ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC Headset Review


The Echelon headset we recently reviewed was a complete joy, being way better than we’d expected and competitively priced too. For a standard ASUS headset it had great performance. So when we were asked to review the Republic of Gamers Vulcan ANC headset you can imagine that the thought of a product sufficiently high-end for ASUS to apply their much vaunted ROG branding to had us salivating.

The ANC part of the name stands for Active Noise Cancellation. This is a rare feature on headsets of any description, much less gaming ones. It attempts to provide a negative hum waveform so that any positive ones nearby, such as from your case fans or similar hardware, are cancelled out and your ears are free from that annoying drone.

So armed with our trusty ASUS Phoebus sound card and a wealth of audio options to put the Vulcan ANC through its paces, let’s crack on.

ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC Headset Review    ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC Headset Review

Technical Specifications

The specifications of any headset don’t give many clues away as to what you can expect. 32 Ohm impedance is par for the course and 40mm drivers, whilst not the largest we’ve seen, are around the average too. Of special note is the light weight of the Vulcan ANC, which is especially good when you consider the noise cancelling hardware and battery needed to run it. 

Driver Diameter: 40mm
Frequency Response Headphone: 10Hz ~ 20000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Noise Cancelling :
Active: Maximum > 15 dB. 85 % ambient noise (fans etc)
Passive: Maximum > 30 dB
Dimensions: 21x18x7cm
Weight: 325 g
Battery Life: Up to 40 Hours
3.5mm stereo plug (microphone)
3.5mm stereo plug (headphones)
Vulcan ANC Headset
Carrying case
User Guide