BitFenix Flo Headset Review

BitFenix Flo Headset review


BitFenix exploded into the market with the Colossus case, combining the experience of their design team with some forward thinking innovations. Since then they’ve carved out a large chunk of the case market for themselves, with the Prodigy in particular finding a spot in many homes.

As with so many companies who have established themselves, so new branches are probed to see if there are other avenues that would benefit from their outlook. So far BitFenix have restricted themselves to case addons with fans and drive-bay mods etc, so the Flo headset marks the first true departure for them from the established formula.

So what is the Flo all about? We’ll let BitFenix themselves explain :

From the get go, the BitFenix Design Lab set out to make a PC headset that users would want to wear away from the PC. Coating the earcups is none other than BitFenix SofTouchâ„¢ Surface Treatment for a premium matte finish. Even the cables come with aluminum sheaths for an impressively high-quality look and feel. Available in four vibrant colors, Flo offers the clean and modern form that BitFenix is known for.

A headset that you’d be comfortable wearing outdoors sounds intriguing. Let’s take a closer look.

Technical Specifications

Whilst the BitFenix Flo is available in four colours, we have the red one on hand today. The frequency response is right on point with the 20Hz-20kHz being equal to almost every other headset on the market. Including so many types of cable shows that the ‘Indoors/Outdoors’ approach is more than just a marketing gimmick.

Materials Steel, Plastic, SofTouchâ„¢ Surface Treatment, SoftFeelâ„¢ Earcups
Colors Midnight Black, Arctic White, Fire Red, Cobalt Blue
Acoustic Design Dynamic, Closed-back
Driver 16µ, Neodymium magnet, Φ40mm
Sensitivity 96db /1mW
Frequency Response 20hz-20khz
Rated Impedance 68 Ω
Earpads SoftFeelâ„¢
Headband Pressure Approximately 5N
Cables 1m Straight Cable With Remote, 1m Straight Mobile Audio Cable, 2m Straight Cable With Headphone / Microphone Plugs
Connector Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini-plug with aluminium sheath
Net Weight 200g
Contents Flo Headset, Flexible Microphone, 1m Straight Cable With Remote, 1m Straight Mobile Audio cable, 2m Straight Cable With Headphone / Microphone Plugs