Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset Review

Corsair H60 Haptic Headset Review


Corsair have released a lot of headsets in recent times with the large bulk of them being variations upon a theme, with the theme being robust design and good sound quality at an affordable price. The HS60 Haptic, as the name gives away, brings something new to the party.

Haptic feedback will be familiar to most of you from your touch screen mobile devices. It’s the vibration that happens when you touch the screen, assuming that you haven’t yet turned that feature off. Personally it’s always been a strange thing because the nerves on the tip of your finger tell you that you’ve touched the screen, you don’t need the whole thing vibrating in harmony every press. However, the human response to a gentle touch is faster than the response to a quiet sound. Thus adding an additional feedback response to your audio seems like an excellent belt and braces approach to ensuring that the quiet footsteps of your enemy are more readily registered by your brain, which could very well make the difference between glorious victory or ignominious defeat.

Having tested all the current models in the Corsair range the HS60 is very much the HS50 with the Haptic feedback bolted on, and thus this unique feature will be the main focus of today’s review.

Technical Specifications

Corsair H60 Haptic Headset Review