Corsair VOID Surround Gaming Headset Review

Corsair VIOD Surround Gaming Headset Review

Corsair VOID Surround Gaming Headset Review


When it comes to choosing a gaming headset there are a lot of things to consider, comfort, sound quality, Microphone quality, customization options and to top it all off aesthetics. It is very difficult to find a headset that can do well in all of these aspects especially if you plan to use this headset for long gaming sessions.   

What Corsair has designed that VOID Surround for is to offer “legendary Audio, Ultimate Comfort and Universal comparability”, building a headset that will work on PC, PS4, Xbox One and on mobile devices with ease and offer a great deal of customization options on the PC platform using Corsair’s CUE software, allowing you to set game specific profiles and one the fly audio customization. 


        Corsair VIOD Surround Gaming Headset Review  Corsair VIOD Surround Gaming Headset Review


For the price of £69.99 this set of headphones offers quite a lot for the price, delivering Dolby 7.1 Surround sound with 50mm Neodynmium drivers, Microfiber-wrapped ear pads and a Noise Canceling Unidirectional Microphone for Great Voice chat functionality with the minimum background noise.

For £69.99 these headphones are not going to satisfy high end Audiophiles, but to say the least why would an audiophile be looking towards a gaming oriented product? What we would class this headset as is a High end gaming oriented product, offering great audio in games and a high quality microphone. 

The Headset can use a 3.5mm jack or USB, but the headset’s Dolby 7.1 audio will require you to use the USB Dolby 7.1 Adapter/Dongle, otherwise the headset will just work in standard Stereo. Below is some pictures of the Corsair USB Dolby 7.1 adapter. 



  Corsair VIOD Surround Gaming Headset Review  Corsair VIOD Surround Gaming Headset Review  


With the headsets memory foam padding and microfiber coating the headset is very comfortable, even during extended use case scenarios, with the headset not feeling abrasive or otherwise uncomfortable after extended use, making this a great headset for those who can spend entire weekends in front of a screen.  

Packaging wise this headset is one of the best we have seen on headsets, meaning that this headset should survive being handles by even the most incompetent of couriers and allows you to easily repackage the headset if you enjoy moving your devices inside of it’s original packaging. 

One of the major improvements of this headset is the microphone quality, providing a much clearer sounding audio than previous headsets from Corsair, so much so that it was instantly noticeable when we used it instead of an older Generation Corsair headset while gaming with some of the guys on the OC3D Forums.   


Corsair VIOD Surround Gaming Headset Review




When it comes to gaming headsets it takes a lot to differentiate yourself from the sheer number of headsets that have already flooded the market, but with the VOID Surround Corsair have actually managed to do the unexpected and actually bring some innovation to this crowded market space.

When compared to previous generation Corsair Gaming Headsets the sound quality offers a night and day difference, both from the headset itself and from the headset’s built in microphone. When talking to some of the gamers on the OC3D Forums over TeamSpeak they were instantly able to tell that we were using a new headset and were simply astounded by the difference. This headset offer a microphone that is much better than what you would expect from a “gaming” oriented headset, and that is something that we are very thankful for. 

The second thing that needs to be said about this headset is that it is very comfortable to wear, with the memory foam padding and its microfiber covering offering a very pleasant audio experience, even during extended gaming sessions.

With this headset there is very little that we can fault with it, it has a good microphone, a comfortable fit and a very pleasing aesthetic, making it an ideal gaming headset. For this reason we have given the Corsair VOID 7.1 surround gaming headset the OC3D Gold Award.  

For two weeks you can get £10 off of the VOID Surround from OCUK making it just £59.99


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