Creative Sound Blaster iRoar Review

Creative Sound Blaster iRoar Pro Review


A little while ago we reviewed the Creative Roar Pro and found it to be an exceptionally good speaker in a very compact package.

Today we’re going to take a look at its bigger brother, the range topping iRoar. Think of it like the Roar Pro on steroids. As more of us take our music around with us in digital form, so the need to have a quick method of sharing it with the world becomes a key issue. You don’t have to look very far to find portable speakers. Most of them only support one connection method, or they have small speakers, tiny battery lives, all sorts of things that stop them being the type of product you can take with you into the world.

Creative have gone down a different path with the iRoar. It has a big battery. It supports almost every connection option you can think of. It’s built like a tank and, if the Roar Pro is anything to go by, it should be plenty loud enough for anything short of a stadium.

Let’s find out.

Technical Specifications

Probably the primary reason you’re looking at this review is the need of a Bluetooth speaker. With a phone full of music you want an easy method of connection and the iRoar supports all the relevant Bluetooth profiles, from the basic HFP up to A2DP.

It’s not only Bluetooth though. You can use NFC for instant pairing, and it supports two devices paired at the same time, so if you want to use it with a friend without having to keep pairing and unpairing you can. Beyond that we have a 3.5″ input so even those of you with ancient iPods or Walkmans can pump it out of the iRoar. If your music is on a MicroSD card then there is an input for that too. Lastly there is a USB port so you can plug it into your computer if you wish. It’s truly the speaker for all occasions. 

Creative Sound Blaster iRoar Pro Review