Edifier M3300SF 2.1 Speaker Set Review

Edifier M3300SF Review


If you’ve been paying attention recently, and if these have been posted in the right order, you’ll notice this is the third of our speaker review triumvirate.

So far we’ve had the SP2200 which were loud but a bit bassy, and the Aurora, which were nicely designed but bassier.

Today we have the M3300SF from Edifier which, thanks to a clever bit of design and an extra speaker in the satellites, hopes to dispense with the lack of midrange and manage to tick all of our aural boxes in one fell swoop.

With a remote, a big subwoofer and two very thin satellites the M3300SF once again highlights the design focus of the Edifier range, but does it sound as nice as it looks?

Technical Specifications

The major part of the M3300SF when compared to our other recent speaker reviews at this price point is the inclusion of a dedicated tweeter to go along with the midrange speaker and subwoofer.

  • Power Output : RMS 12W x 2 + 30W (THD=10%)
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: >= 85dBA
  • Channel Separation (dB): R/L: >=45dB / SW: 20Hz ~ 150Hz
  • Input sensitivity: R/L: 450mV +/- 50mV (Line in)
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz – 20K Hz
  • Volume Control: Wired remote Volume Control, Subwoofer built-in Bass Control
  • Bass Unit: 6.5 inch (166mm), magnetically shielded, 8Ohm
  • Mid-Range Unit: 3 inch (78mm) driver, magnetically shielded, 4Ohm
  • Tweeter Unit: 10 mm driver, magnetically shielded, 8Ohm
  • Dimensions: Subwoofer— 167 x 298 x 283 mm ( WxHxD) / Satellites— 108 x 187 x 75mm ( WxHxD )
  • Gross Weight: Approximately 8.3kg
  • Power Input: 100V-120V ~, 50/60Hz

Let’s take a look at the M3300SF shall we.