Microlab FC50 2.1 Speaker Review

Microlab FC50 2.1 Speaker Review  


We regularly review headsets here at OC3D. With the enormous increase in gaming clans and events, coupled to the movement of the PC from the study or bedroom into the lounge as the centrepiece of a multimedia showcase, so it seems that nearly everyone is utilising a headset as their primary means of audio delivery.

If you couple that the lack of design innovation in speakers in general, it’s understandable that we review far more headsets than pure speakers. Supply and demand.

Microlab have a good range of speakers to suit all tastes and pockets from the simple to a wall of speakers that wouldn’t look out of place in a studio setup. What they do better than almost everyone else is package their products in something other than the regulation wooden, or even plastic, box. The emphasis is as much on the aesthetic as the audiophile.

This brings us neatly to today’s review of the FC50. A 2.1 set available in both black and white, the design is eye-catching. We’re here to find out if the sound is equally on the money.

Technical Specifications

The FC50 consists of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer, with the total power output split fairly reasonably between the two. With the majority of the output dedicated to the subwoofer when compared to each satellite there shouldn’t be a lack of bass.

Amplifier specifications
Output power 54W RMS
Power distribution 12W x2 (satellite) 30W (subwoofer)
Harmonic distortion 0.5 % (1 Watt, 1kHz)
Frequency response 40 – 20 000, Hz
Signal/Noise ratio 80 dB
Separation 45 dB
Speakers specifications
Tweeter driver type (0.7+4)x2
Bass driver type 5
Material MDF/plastic
Remote control 1
Output 2xRCA
Input 3.5mm jack
Satellites 159x230x103 mm
Subwoofer 218x218x289 mm
Product weight 5.6 kg