Microlab M1910, 5.1 Speaker system void

Microlab M1910, 5.1 Speaker system Review


With the PC easing its way ever more salaciously into our living rooms and for now at least content to snuggle up beside our DVD and BD players, it’s only right that we should want a sound system that not only looks good but is able to offer up punchy and reverberating surround sound thrills.  If however, like me, your very own Mrs Dubs banishes all things “techy” to the play room up stairs then you may simply be looking for a sound system that is able to fill your humble little box room or for that matter, dorm room with poster rippling bass.  If this is the case then the chaps at microlab have more than a few solutions to offer, not least of which is the set up we have for review today, in the shape of their latest submission, the Model 1910.  The question of course is.  Does it do what it says on the tin.  First step, as always is to have a look at them all important technical specifications.

Technical Specifications.

 Amplifier specs  
 Output power  65, Watt RMS
 Power distribution  8×5 + 25, Watt
 Harmonic distortion  0.3, % (1Watt, 1kHz)
 Frequency response  30-20 000, Hz
 Signal/Noise ratio  75, dB
 Separation  45, dB
 Speakers specs  
 Tweeter driver type  1+3,
 Bass driver type  6.5,
 Material  MDF
 Colour  black
 Remote control  1
 Output  5RCA
 Input  6RCA, 2RCA
 Auxilliary  Coaxial, Toslink
 Satellites  95x218x103 and 198?106?103, mm
 Subwoofer  190x267x400, mm
 Product Net weight  10, kg