nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review


Ergonomics. Something that is sadly overlooked by the majority of people. Here at OC3D we’ve often spoken about the importance of having a good monitor given how much of your time you spend looking at it. Even more important is your chair. It’s something that far too few people pay attention to. The “any old thing will do” mentally might be okay if you’re just checking your email for ten minutes every other day, but if you’re spending any noticeable amount of time in front of your system then having a comfortable seat that is the right height for your desk is vital to avoid discomfort and – in long term scenarios – problems with your back and shoulders. As somebody who makes a living as a web content creator you can be assured that we know only too well the problems poor posture can bring years down the line. If you’re spending hours sitting down, then sit down in luxury and comfort with a chair that adjusts to ensure you’re sitting correctly.

Enter noblechairs (deliberately stylised in e.e cummings lower case) with their range of chairs to suit the most demanding of posteriors. Up for review today we have their top of the range model, the Epic, here in Real Leather. As you’ll see on the following pages it is a hip hugging affair reminiscent of a reclining Recaro car seat. As you would expect to find from an item designed in Germany the Epic Series is festooned with high quality design elements and a focus upon user friendliness.

Rather than make you read the highlights twice, we’ll go through a build of the Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair and point out the features as we go.

Technical Specifications

The Epic is available in two colour schemes, black white and red or all black, and we have the all black model in our office today. Considering that gaming folk tend to either be super thin because they don’t have time to eat or … ahem.. larger because they don’t move, the Epic caters for all with incredible amounts of adjustability. Everything from the height of the seating part of the chair itself through the arm rest height to tilt and recline features, you’re guaranteed to be as comfortable as it’s possible to be. With a full leather covering on the areas you touch, and a vegan friendly back – which might sound like an oxymoron on a chair with real leather but the quality vegan friendly covering is available on their non-leather models too – you’ll find everything has the same quality feel as the excellence you’ll find in the comfort department. The maximum user weight is a mild area of confusion currently as (the UK stockist) list 180KG, the nobelchairs website lists 120KG and the instruction manual lists 100KG. However, the class 4 gas cylinder is rated to 180KG, so we think that the Overclockers website is correct. Worth checking in advance if you’re particularly fond of sugary treats.

Enough pre-amble though. Let’s see if the renowned German Engineering leads to a trouble free building experience and how the Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair is in use once complete.  

nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review