SteelSeries 7XB 360 Headset Review

SteelSeries 7XB 360 Headset Review


We recently reviewed the SteelSeries 7H headset for iDevices and found it to be one of, if not the, finest headsets on the market. With outstanding sound reproduction, build quality, design and pretty much anything else you can think of, the only drawback was its single-focus upon Apple products.

A little earlier we’d reviewed the SteelSeries 5XB, a headset for the XBOX 360 which had good audio and was only really let down by the rather large amount of cables involved in getting it to work with all the XBOX features.

If only there was a way you could combine the excellent audio of the 7H, the ability to use it with our XBOX 360, but not have the same amount of cable spaghetti…

Enter the SteelSeries 7XB. A wireless 360 headset based upon the SteelSeries 7H. Sounds like just the ticket.

Technical Specifications

Thankfully the main headset is, at least in specifications, identical to the 7H which should ensure that the sound quality is of the very highest standard. The wireless box is compact and the 30 foot of range should be more than enough to ensure a trouble free gaming experience. 


  • Frequency response: 18 – 28.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • [email protected] 1kHz, 1 Vrms: 112 dB
  • Cable length: 1 m / 3.3 ft. (Detachable from headset to controller with 2.5 mm plug)
  • Jacks: 3,5 mm


  • Frequency response: 50 – 16.000 Hz
  • Pick up pattern: Uni-directional
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB

Transmitter box

  • USB Powered (from Xbox 360)
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack input
  • Input level control
  • 2.6 GHz radio interface
  • Range: 9 m (30 ft.)
  • Dimensions: 83 mm x 83 mm x 26 mm


Let’s take a look shall we.