AeroCool Sixth Element White edition

 AeroCool Sixth Element White edition  



The Sixth Element White edition forms part of the line up of cases from AeroCool’s Performance Gaming System range.  The Sixth Element wears the Red badge of the Professional Series, which puts it roughly mid way in the PGSline up.  The case is also available in Black, with either Blue or Red accented interiors.  In this review we shall be taking a look at the White edition. 

The case is a Full/Mid-tower, making use of 6mm Japanese Steel and, as would be expected, fair amount of plastic for the outer shell and detail areas.  The case is windowed and comes with two 140mm fans pre installed.

Before writing this review I got to thinking what exactly the Sixth Element was.  As alluded to on the home page if Luc Besson is to be believed we’ve already established the nature of the 5th Element in the form of the not unattractive, white bandage clad, Milla Jovovich.  A quick trawl of the inter-web reveals more than a few opinions on the subject of the nature of the mysterious Sixth Element, with everything from Void, Consciousness, Space, Light and Darkness vying for the title.  So have AeroCool used any of these Holistic concepts to shape their design ethos? Doubtful.  In purely chemical terms of course the sixth element is Carbon.   Has the case been made from Carbon fibre?  Afraid not (at £78 that’s not really likely is it now, and neither is a carbon fibre effect coating so don’t go getting excited there either).  So why Sixth Element? Apart from it being a rather cool name of course.  Well it may just be coincidence, but there are certain similarities between the look of the case and the lines of the new Lamborghini Concept car, the Sesto Elemento (Sixth Element in Italian if you hadn’t guessed).  

All that said whatever the design influences are for case and whatever the inspiration for the nomenclature what we want to know is how good is it.


Case Type

Full Tower


SECC 0.6mm

Compatible Motherboards

ATX and Micro ATX

Chassis Dimensions

510(H) x 197(W) x 530(D)

Drive Bays

4 x 5.25″ (External) with one 3.5″ converter / 6 x 3.5″ HDDs (internal)

Expansion Slots

7 Slots

Max length space available for PCI cards

280 or 400mm with middle HDD cage removed

I/O Ports

2 x USB 2.0 / e-SATA / Mic & headphone (AC97 & HD audio)

Cooling options

Front – 1 x 140mm LED fan (included), Roof – 1 x 140mm LED fan (included), Back – 1 x 120mm fan (optional), Side panel – 2 x 120mm fan (optional)

140mm Fan Specifications


Rated voltage


Starting voltage


Rated Current

0.36A +10% Max

Power Consumption Speed

4.32W +10%Max

Fan speed

1500 ±10%

Max AirFlow


Max Static Pressure