Aerocool V12XT 4-Channel Touch Panel Fan Controller

 Aerocool V12XT 4-Channel Touch Panel Fan Controller  



Fan controllers come in many shapes, sizes and specifications.  With AeroCool alone producing a staggering range of controllers in addition to their PSU, Fans and Cases.  The V12XT forms part of their extensive twin bay range.

The V12XT is easy to install, in that it’s as easy as any other fan controller, which appreciates that if you want a tidy case you’re going to have to put a lot of thought into cable management.  The screen is clear and intuitive to use.  What do I mean by intuitive to use?  Like most blokes I have a natural aversion to instructions, not that the V12XT doesn’t come with instructions, it does, very nice clear instructions at that.  It’s just that as Blokes we feel that having to resort to instructions makes us feel less of a man, it threatens our masculinity.  We want to show ourselves, or any women folk who happen to be around and who may be impressed by our technical expertise and so perhaps want to “Go” with us that we do not need to resort to instructions.  We are men, We can do this ourselves.  If in doing so we find it easy to work the device, we can safely say that that it is “Intuitive” to use.  If we don’t find this easy then we can say it is not “Intuitive” to use.  Non “Intuitive” items often have to be capable of sustaining psychical abuse as we attempt to make them work by the tried and tested method of hitting them and shouting at them.  Then of course, and only when no ones looking, we’ll have a sneaky look at the instructions and wonder why we didn’t do this in the first place.  So this fan controller is intuitive, it passed the test, with me at least.  Sadly I’m not able to report as to whether it impressed my good lady as she was not around to watch the show of masculinity.

As well as ease of use the V12XT is also able to boast the high degree of quality displayed in its manufacture.  The screen is clear and although there’s no dimmer it’s not too bright and not too dark AeroCool have set it just right.  The touch screen areas are responsive not requiring you to push hard, and neither responding when you happen to accidentally brush an area of the screen with a stray finger.

In a market sector with no shortage of choice it has to be appreciated that there is no such thing as the perfect fan controller, no “One controller to rule them all”.  Yes there are fan controllers out there that control more fans, yes there are controllers that have ratings that enable them to control water pumps, but all this comes at a price.  Certainly at this price point I don’t think there’s anything which could be called the best.  Once the basics of form and function have been covered, in other words it does what you want it to, and you’ve been able to determine that the quality of the build will see you through then it all comes down to personal preferences.

So what of the V12XT?  Well I have to say I quite like it.  I like the quality, I like the ease of use, I like the instructions (not that I used them you understand).  Surprisingly for me I also liked the visual display.  It’s certainly not low key and understated but then at the same time it’s not too in your face either. It’s has something of a digital dash board look about it, such as might be seen on a Japanese sports car.  All in all a good product from AeroCool.


            Silver award