Akasa Infiniti Zor Case

Gamers and manufacturers’ are demanding more and more everyday from the humble computer case. As components get hotter, cases have to improve their thermal management whilst also maintaining an aesthetic appeal to consumers. Akasa feel it’s their turn to have a go, and sent their latest case up to the labs.

Akasa are well known in the UK for their vast range of products, including cases, fans, power supplies and various other pieces of cooling hardware. Their latest offering is the Infiniti Zor – the Zor notating that this is the ‘gamers’ version of the Infiniti. Akasa have a fair bit to say about the Infiniti Zor and here is a small extract:

Taking the gaming experience to a completely new level, the exciting Infiniti ZOR delivers exceptional cooling performance and plenty of user friendly features.
Hard core gaming stresses PC hardware; keeping cool is crucial for system stability therefore every element of the case has been engineered to provide maximum cooling performance. CPU, GPU, memory, VRM’s, chipsets and PSU all demand cool air. The aluminum front panel allows unrestricted airflow, 10 of the bay panels are full width mesh. Two 12cm intake fans can locate in any position on the front panel to direct cool air towards the hottest system components. The 12cm exhaust fan expels hot air from the case but if you think three fans are not enough than check out the ZOR top panel. A large mesh window prevents heat build-up and is able to accommodate two additional 12cm fans. With up to five 12cm fans even the most demanding systems will stay cool.
Boasting an impressive list of specifications, we will be taking a closer look at the case and finding out how it really performs.
Here are the specifications from Akasa’s website:
Colour: Smooth black
Material: Steel body, aluminium front, mesh
Compatible motherboard types: ATX, Micro ATX & Extended ATX
5.25” external bays: 11
3.5” removable HDD bays: 6 (2x 3HDD cage)
3.5” removable FDD bays: 1
Fans included: 3 blue-LED fans (120x25mm)
Fan Speed: 1200 RPM
Fan airflow: 47.98 CFM
Fan noise: 23.1 dB(A)
Dust management: 2 washable air intake filters
USB ports: 2
IEEE1394 ports: 1
HD Audio: 1x in/out (AC’97 compatible)
eSATA ports: 1
Dimension: 523 x 205 x 540mm (H x W x L)
Weight: 10.5kg
Product code: AK-BKINF-02
Let’s head over the page to have a look at how the Akasa Infiniti Zor should arrive on your doorstep…