Antec P180b ATX Case


Antec have a long tradition of making good solid PC cases. Today I am looking at their Top-spec P180b. The case market is a very competitive environment with a lot of big companies offering some very nice cases.

I will take a look to see if this offering is worth spending your money on.


The packaging from Antec was certainly very good. With a solid box, foam inserts and cardboard protecting the case it should almost certainly arrive to you in great shape.

antec p180bantec p180b
The case displays some nice looking pictures of the case as well as the Antec logo “The Power of You”. Full specifications of the case are also included along with some marketing gumph.

The case itself also comes with plastic covering on the sides and front. This ensures none of the paint is scratched. I certainly appreciate this extra care for a case that is as expensive as this one.

antec p180b
My camera evidently didn’t like the plastic but you can see how well protected the case is.

One bad thing I did notice was that the inside of the case was slightly damaged by the triflow fan that seemed to be loose inside the box. This isn’t a great problem but maybe something Antec need to check.

antec p180b

Below you can see the box with the screws in as well some of the other parts removable in the case. Lots of screws are provided with the case.

antec p180b
Also included is a manual and some bits of paper with tips for some of the parts of the system not covered so well in the manual (such as HDD fan).

Overall a great bundle and well wrapped up.