BitFenix Colossus MITX Review

BitFenix Colossus M-ITX



To call such a compact case, able to accept the smallest mainstream motherboards a Colossus is we think something of an oxymoron, like “Brave Frenchman” or “Fluffy German” its contradictory in its self.  The cognoscenti amongst you though will know that it takes its name from the giant statuesque full size case that is the original BitFenix Colossus.  Like the Phenom before it, the innards of the Colossus are based on the well-established and rarely bettered Prodigy, and like both of its forbears the Colossus is also available in mini-ITX and m-ATX versions. 

As we’ve spent quite a bit of time in the past looking at the m-ITX and m-ATX internals both in video and written reviews we’re going to assume that you are by now quite familiar with their strengths and occasional weaknesses, and of course the chassis’ ability in mini-ITX format to take more radiators than you would think possible.  We shall instead concentrate on the aesthetics and whether the changes made to the exterior will have significant effects on performance.


Technical Specification

 Material  Steel, Plastic, SofTouch
 Colours  Black
 Dimensions  250x330x374mm (WxHxD)
 Motherboard sizes  Mini-ITX (M-ATX version available)
 5.25″ bays   1
 3.5″ bays  5
 2.5″ bays  8+2+1

 Roof:  2x120mm (optional)

 Front:  2x120mm (1 included) or 1×140,180,200,230mm (optional)

 Rear:  1x120mm included (1x140mm optional)

 I/O  2xUSB3.0 HD Audio in/out
 PSU  Standard ATX, Not included