BitFenix Pandora Review

BitFenix Pandora Review


We’re feeling a bit nervous about taking the side panels off the Pandora.  You see Greek mythology has it that Pandora was created by the Gods on the instructions of Zeus to be the first woman on earth.  The name translates as “the all gifted” or “the all endowed” She was imbued with beauty but wasn’t so much a gift from the Gods though so much as a punishment, bringing with her a box (actually a jar) in which all the evils of the world were contained.  Curiosity rather than malevolence got the better of Pandora, leading her to opening the box, and well it’s been down hill from there on in.  Now we don’t really mind the chaps over at BitFenix labs comparing themselves to Greek gods (Geek Gods?), but let’s just hope they haven’t followed through and created a case in which all evil is contained.

Mythological nomenclature aside the Geek gods over at BitFenix do appear to have stayed true to their design spec in crafting a case that sits as well in the lounge as it does on the desk.  There’s no way the significant other could say this curved Aluminium enclosure was ugly.  Beauty is nothing however if there’s nothing going on inside (seriously, I challenge you to date a beautiful but truly vacuous lady and see how long the novelty lasts).  Let’s hope then that the Pandora proves to be as capable as she is charming.


Technical Specification 

 Material   Aluminium, Steel, Plastic 
 Colours  Black/Black, Black/Silver
 Dimensions  160x420x465 (WxHxD)
 Motherboard  M-ATX, M-ITX
 3.5″  2
 2.5″  3
 PCI slots  5
 Front I/O  2xUSB3.0, HD Audio
 Air Cooling

 Top:  1x120mm included

 Front:  2x120mm (1 included)

 Water Cooling  Front:  1x240mm, up to 2x120mm
 LCD Module  2.4″ TFT 240×320 pixels


Key Features

Brushed Aluminium Side Panels

BitFenix ICON display

124mm Max CPU cooler height

350mm Max GPU length (120mm max height)

180mm max PSU length with cable management cage in place