Cooler Master Hyper N520 Heatsink

Cooler Master are a company that no self respecting PC enthusiast won’t be familiar with. Providing products such as heatsinks and chassis for several years and recently branching out into the power supply market. We here at Overclock3D are definitely no stranger to CM’s products, having recently been impressed with the likes on their ATCS 840 chassis and the Hyper Z600 heatsink.
Today we move down from the higher end to take a look at another one of CM’s cooling products, a heatsink & fan combination dubbed the Hyper N520. Measuring in at 122(L)x102(w)x141(H)mm it’s a fair bit smaller than a lot of heat sinks on the market today – and at 688g it’s relatively light too. However we can be sure that monster heat sinks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and for smaller systems this could be the ticket.
Interestingly, Cooler Master tell us nothing of the N520 on their UK site. I had to travel across the ocean to the US site to find details on the product. So taken from said US site, here is the features list and specification:
* Universal Design Intel LGA775
* AMD (754/939/940/AM2/AM2+)
* Optimum Air Flow Distinct appearance with dual fan bracket
* Unique dual fan cooling design ensures cool air accelerates straight through the heat sink
* Superior Cooling Performance Mirror finished copper base guarantees perfect contact between CPU and cooler
* 5 heat pipes optimise heat transfer

Pure Copper Base & Heat Pipes
Pure Copper Base provides excellent cooling performance with 5 Heat Pipes to maximise heat transfer

Aluminium Fins, Dual Fan & Unique Adaptor
Dual Fan for air flow through heat sink with Wide Surface Aluminium Fin Design to improve heat dissipation; comes with a 2 to 1 Plug Adaptor for easy installation

The N520 looks impressive on paper. Boasting support for I7 CPU’s on top of the mass of 775 and AMD chips. The figures given for the fans also looking rather promising. But will they live up the the claims?