Cooler Master Nepton 140XL Review

Cooler Master Hepton 140XL Review


After the disappointment of the Eisberg series with its overly intrusive pump noise, it’s been pleasing to see Cooler Master get back to their previous form.  The Nepton 140XL is a very well made piece of kit with not even our critical eye picking up anything to complain about from a build and quality perspective.  Fitting the unit in to our trusty Cooler Master “Test Trooper” was also simplicity itself, made even easier by clear instructions with plenty of good sized diagrams.  Cooler Master even provide a selection of varying length screws so as to enable differing fan and radiator mounting combinations.

With the 140mm fan based radiator itself measuring 38mm in thickness and with two 25mm thick fans on either side it’s a bit of a chunky monkey, but as there’s usually a fair bit of room at the rear of most cases this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, just bear the dimensions in mind if you’re planning to roof mount it.  The Radiator shroud also has mountings for 120mm fans enabling it to be fitted into cases that don’t have a 140mm rear extract.  It goes wihou saying that if you’re planning to do this, check that the overhang created as the radiator extends beyond the 120mm fan falls within the limits of your chassis.  You’d be right browned off if you’d fited it then couldn’t get the side panel back on.

With everything fitted and the power button pressed the Nepton springs into life, indicating its active status with a warm purple glow around the logo on the Cooler Master designed pump.  The pump is quiet and un-intrusive, although at their full 2000 RPM the fans are generating nearly 40dB(A) and it’s fair to say are a little on the loud side.  Stepping them down will of course quieten things but will have a detrimental effect of performance.

The proof of the pudding though is in the eating.  The Nepton may look the part with its sleek gloss black radiator, purple LEDs and high quality fans but all this will count for nothing if it doesn’t perform.  After all, we’re not Italian, we want things to work as well as look good.  We’re pleased to say the Nepton 140XL is no Alfa Sud, having it where it counts, and being able to hold its own amongst the big boys, bettering a good few 240mm based units and only being beaten by custom 240mm rad kits and the cream of the 240mm and 280mm rad based AIO crop, and even then not by that much which isn’t bad when you consider this is a 140mm rad based unit.  We think if you’ve got room in your case for the 140XL and either can’t fit, or can’t financially stretch to the likes of the H105, H100i or the Kraken X60 then at just £85 the Nepton should be high on your shopping list.  The Nepton 140XL scores highly and takes a well-deserved Gold Award. 


Thanks to Cooler Master for sending in the Nepton for review, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.