Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Review

Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Review


When Corsair released their MATX Crystal 280X last year, we were left with one question. Where is the bigger one? Yes, MATX systems have their place, but it is hard to deny the overwhelming popularity of the standard ATX form factor. 

It may have taken over half a year, but Corsair has finally launched their Crystal 680X, an enclosure which uses the same dual-chamber design as the smaller 280X, but offers support for larger water cooling radiators, both ATX and E-ATX motherboards and large heatsinks. The 680X is the literal big brother of the 280X. 

Much like the 280X, the Crystal 680X ships in both white and black, with Corsair opting to release this case without a non-RGB option. When asked about this we were told that their RGB cases outsold their non-RGB counterparts by as much as 10:1, giving Corsair little reason to release a non-RGB option for their already premium case design. This decision means that the Crystal 680X will ship with three LL120 series RGB fans and a Corsair Lighting Node PRO controller, enabling a wide variety of out of the box colour options. 

Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Review  

Like all other Corsair Crystal series cases, the 680X is a blend of steel, glass and plastic, offering users three tempered glass panels, a steel core structure and a variety of white or black plastic add-ons, depending on your chosen case colour. 

As we mentioned before, the case’s three front mounted 120mm fans are Corsair LL120 models, which are controlled by an integrated Corsair Lighting Node PRO. As a rear exhaust, the case has a built-in 120mm fan, though this fan lacks RGB functionality. 

When it comes to water cooling support, the Crystal 680X is no slouch, supporting top/bottom mounted 240/280mm radiators while the front of the case supports a larger 280/360mm radiator, though in most cases PC builders will be limited in terms of radiator thickness. Please watch our video review for a more detail discussion on radiator placement. 

At stock, the case offers eight PCI expansion slots and two additional vertical slots which can be used with vertically mounted graphics cards. This option requires users to purchase a PCIe extension cable, a premium add-on that is available from Corsair and several competing manufacturers. 

Below are the full specifications of the Corsair Crystal 680X. 

Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Review

Below is the regional pricing of Corsair’s Crystal series 680X chassis, which was provided to us as part of Corsair’s review guide one day before NDA. The review guide states that these prices were “correct as of January 21st 2019”. We assume that these prices are still correct, as Corsair has not provided us with updated pricing. 
Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Review