Corsair Graphite 780T Review

Corsair Graphite 780T Review


Corsair have had a busy year so far but the 780T is a product we have both been excited and worried about in equal measure. Why? I hear you ask, well the 780T is the predecessor to the awesome 600T, sure she is showing her age a little now but like Jenifer Aniston and fine wine some things can age well…. Very well! Our fear was plainly because when we first saw the drawings for thr 780T some time back we didnt like it, it just didn’t ‘feel right’ on the page. Thankfully though without spoiling things when it arrived that all changed….

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The case is difficult to describe, as mentioned in the video modern cars seem to be taking on an angular look rather than sweeping curves at the moment and the 780T seems to fit in with that too. To the eye the exterior feels very clean and angular, the interior has pretty much every possible option that they could fit in there. There’s acres of room in the roof for a 360mm radiator, push pull on a 60mm thick or a single set on a ‘monster’ 80mm behemoth. In the front you will have to go careful with end tank size (where the barbs go) because the Alphacool radiators we use for reviews wont fit without breaking the dremel out or removing the optical bays. Thickness wise you can go for broke, you can push pull an 80mm thick if thats what you want, just remember to think about your reservoir when buying all the parts for your build. If you plan on running a front and roof rad thats pretty much going to stop you being able to run an optical bay style pump and res. Some may fit but its going to be a case of trial and error there so we would rather say no to the bulk of you and advise a tube res in the main section. You can also fit a 240mm radiator in the floor but this will stop you being able to run a 360mm in the front – one or the other you cant have both #thatswhatshesaid.

We were not quite sure where Corsair could go after how good the 760T was but Im happy to announce they have done us and themselves proud. We would personally say this one of the prettiest cases they have released and in our eyes considering the £145 price tag a bit of a billy bargain. Unquestionably an OC3D Gold Award. 


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