Corsair H105 AIO Watercooler Review

Corsair H105 AIO Watercooler Review


The Corsair hydro range has become an infamous product line. The early models were mediocre at best and were generally either much warmer than similarly priced air cooler or if the temps were good the noise they made was enough to make your deaf granny down the road think Jesus had cured her hearing or duck because she though a jet was landing.

Thankfully with some product maturity all these things have changed and the H100/H100i has pretty much become a bench mark point with many users asking “does it perform better than the H00i” when ever a new AIO is seen on the horizon.

The H105 is the bigger brother to the H75 and shares the same pump, cold plate, mount and OEM manufacturer. As this is a non ‘i’ unit it does not have support for the Corsair link software but as we have pointed out in the video this could be to many peoples advantage. Something that might not work to peoples advantage is the 38mm thick radiator but we are getting ahead of ourselves so lets take a look at the specifications and then our first look and unboxing video before turning the page to see the performance testing.

Technical Specifications

Radiator dimensions: 272.5mm x 120mm x 38mm
Fan dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan speed: 800 RPM – 2700 RPM (+/- 10%)
Airflow: 73 CFM
Noise Level: 37.7 dBA
Static pressure: 3.9 mm/H20
Power Draw: 0.34A

  • Package contents

    • Hydro Series H105 Liquid CPU Cooler
    • Two SP120L high performance PWM fans
    • Mounting bracket and hardware
    • Color accent rings (red & Blue)
    • Quick Start Guide
    • 4pin PWM Y cable for fan connection


  • First look video & unboxing
    Head over the page to see the all of our test results then page 3 for the full review video