Corsair Obsidian 800D

Packaging & External Appearance.
The first thing that hit me was the size of the box that arrived, it is much taller and deeper than I was expecting. I nearly got a hernia trying to pick it up its that heavy, I did think for a second or two there was a pre-built PC inside! So straight away the weight of the ABS steel chassis is having an effect. The box has the usual information you would expect about the case along with some nice pictures, I didn’t happen to notice these until about 5hours after it arrived, all I wanted to do was get a look at what was inside…
Packaging  Packaging
The case came with the expected polystyrene ends and a thick plastic bag over the case to protect it in transit. Some of the Polystyrene had broken but there was no damage to the case at all.
Remove the protection there we finally have the case in all its glory, the side window has a protective plastic film over it which will help it stay scratch free during the build. The powder coating on the case is very similar to the Corsair PSU’s and turns out to be one of the best exfoliators Ive ever found, it keeps scraping layers of my hands and arms away as I move it! Look for tell tale signs in the pictures…
    Externals     Externals    
The aluminium faceplate on the case also came with a plastic protective coating which is something Ive not seen any manufacturers do before.
 Externals     Externals
The case is very angular, but the clean simple lines ooze quality from some other ‘over designed’ cases on the market. This definitely has an adult grown up feel to it for those that appreciate that less can be more. The front panel is made from a coarse brushed aluminium, I do prefer it to a plastic front that we have seen on other cases but the jury is out as to whether I actually like it on here or not. 
Externals     Externals
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