Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler

Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler 



Enermax have introduced the ETD-T60 as part of their new range of CPU coolers.  Available in 2 flavours, the VD and the TB.  If the suffixes referred to communicable diseases you wouldn’t really want either of them. However, those familiar with Enermax’s nomenclature will know thankfully in this instance the TB suffix refers not to the highly contagious disease that did it’s best to wipe out large parts of Europe and the Americas in the late 18th early 19th century, but does instead refer to the variant fitted with the TB silence fan.

In the same vein the VD variant of course does not refer to the contempory collective noun for diseases of the “naughty bits”, oft contracted by those who combine an active social life with low levels of moral virtue, but to the Vegas Duo fan which is the fan fitted to the sample we have for review.

A cheeky little chap, of undoubted high quality and sitting only 85mm off the deck, the T60 lends itself to small form factor and HTPC builds.


Tech Spec

Models ETD-T60-TB ETD-T60-VD
Compatible Sockets Intel® LGA 775/1155/1156/1366
AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1
Overall Dimensions (mm) L 151 x W 137 x H 112 L 151 x W 131 x H 115
Heat Sink Dimensions (mm) L 151 x W 125 x H 85
Number / Thickness of Heat Pipes 6 x Ø 6 mm
Thermal Resistance (°C/W) 0.12
Weight (without fan) 540g
Material Copper Heat Pipes / Aluminium Fins
Nickel-plated Heat Sink yes yes
Thermal Grease Dow Corning® TC-5121
Fan Dimensions (mm) 120 x 120 x 25
Bearing Type Twister Bearing Technology (patented)
Fan Speed (RPM) 800 – 1,800
Air Flow (m3/h) 63.83 – 147.30 56.51 – 129.09
Air Flow (CFM) 37.57 – 86.70 33.26 – 75.98
Static Pressure (mm-H2O) 0.72 – 2.41 0.97 – 2.28
Noise Level (dB(A)) 10-21 16-26
Rated Voltage (V) 12
MTBF 100,000 hours
LED no Patented circular LED light with
18 blue and 18 red diodes /
11 LED modes
Fan Connector 4-Pin PWM
Fan Mounting Metal bracket

Fan Frame


Vortex Generator Flow (VGF) – patented
Vortex generators are applied in aviation industry. They make sure that the air stream is lead as close as possible along the airplane’s wings. During the CPU cooler development, the Enermax engineers recognized the potential of this technology to optimize the air stream inside the heat sink: Small spoilers on the fins, the so-called Vortex generators, conduct the air close along the heat pipes. Much more fresh air can be transferred to the back of the heat pipes.

 Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler


Vacuum Effect Flow
Also the third innovation makes use of a physical effect. The best example to explain this effect is a moving car: It pushes air aside as it goes down the road and leaves a low pressure. Air from the sides will be sucked in to compensate the difference in pressure. According to that, the CPU cooler sides are not fully closed, so that cool air can be sucked into the heat sink.

   Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler  


As one of the key features of this fan is the light show that the Vegas Duo can produce the review would not be complete without giving details of the many modes.  The modes are controlled my means of a small pressel on the end of a control cable with each press taking you cyclically through the lighting modes.


 Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler

 Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler Enermax ETD-T60 CPU Cooler


Well so far we’ve established that we’ve got a low profile cooler that’s capable of putting on quite a light show.  Question is, to what extent can it do the job it was actually built for?