Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case

The Gigabyte 3D Aurora comes packaged in a smart looking blue and black themed box. On the front of the box there is an extreme closeup of the prominant front part of the chassis. On the rear of the box, Gigabyte has included a number of text boxes with images highlighting the major features of the 3D Aurora.
Gigabyte 3D Aurora packaging_front Gigabyte 3D Aurora packaging_rear
Gigabyte 3D Aurora packaging_side Gigabyte 3D Aurora packaging side_2
On the left-hand side of the box there is an image illustrating both the silver and black versions of the Gigabyte 3D Aurora, and on the right-hand side there is a multi-lingual layout of the chassis specifications. Opening up the box, we are immediately greeted by the chassis manual sitting neatly encased in the polystyrene inserts. Upon removing the chassis from the box, we can see that it is well protected from impact and scratching, thanks to the inclusion of the styrofoam inserts and plastic bag.
Gigabyte 3D Aurora box with top open Gigabyte 3D Aurora out of box
Let’s take a look at what Gigabyte has bundled in with the 3D Aurora, shall we…
The bundle is actually housed within the Gigabyte 3D Aurora itself, but I’ve removed it so that we can see it. The black storage box below holds all the goodies nice and securely.
Gigabyte 3D Aurora accessories compartment
Gigabyte 3D Aurora installation manual Gigabyte 3D Aurora accessories bundle
As well as the manual, Gigabyte has included the following:
2x 4-pin molex to SATA power cables
2x sets of keys
Motherboard stand-offs and screws
Tool-less HDD and 5.25″ mounts
Spare screen for 3D feature
Sticky tabs for cable routing

Admittedly it’s a small bundle, but Gigabyte has provided everything that you’ll need to get up and running in no time. Let’s head over the page to have a closer look at the Gigabyte 3D Aurora chassis in more detail…