Lian Li X Dan Cases A3-mATX PC Case Review

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The Lian Li X Dan Cases A3-mATX isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s complexity makes it a blank canvas for users, allowing PC builders to create compact but unique systems. Yes, decisions will have trade-offs, but that comes with the territory. This is a compact PC case, but despite this it has almost limitless configurability options.

If you want your component selection and PC building process to be a simple one, this isn’t the case for you. You will need to consider your components carefully. What fans/heatsinks will you use? How will your GPU’s size impact other areas of the case? Do you need other add-on cards? Do you want your GPU be vertically mounted? This case presents users with a lot of things to consider, so its understandable if you want something simpler. After all, many of us just want a PC that works.

The A3-mATX is for those who enjoy the PC building process. Those who don’t mind carefully thinking about their system’s cable management and carefully considering their components. If you enjoy those aspects of PC building, this case may be perfect for you. Better still, its $69.99 pricing makes this case surprisingly affordable. Not bad considering this case has a Lian Li label.

PSU Support

PSU-wise, while this case does support 240mm long ATX power supplies, we would recommend that users invest in an SFX PSU. At a minimum, users should consider shorter than standard ATX PSUs like the 122mm long Enermax Revolution DF 12 series. That extra clearance is valuable. It is also worth remembering that Cooler Master has their V1100 and V1300 SFX power supplies (review here). These PSUs can deliver more than enough power to your system within the SFX form factor (Yes, they aren’t SFX-L). That size gives A3-mATX users extra space for cable management and allows users to make use of that saves space in other areas.

A case for true Enthusiasts

It’s shocking the level of hardware that can be fitted inside this case. Want a GPU that is up to 415mm long and up o 61mm thick? That’s possible! You can even mount 25mm fans under that GPU to blast it with airflow! Beyond that, you can use such a large GPU while having your CPU cooled by a large liquid cooling solution or a large air cooler. Just make sure you measure things out before you order your hardware. You can fit a lot of hardware inside the A3, but it isn’t a Tardis.

The A3-mATX is a PC case that was designed by PC Enthusiasts for PC Enthusiasts. If you enjoy thinking out the finer details of your PC builds, this is a case that could bring you a lot of joy. Its configurability allows users to explore an insane number of hardware options despite its size. It also has room for mods that are simply impossible for Mini ITX cases with similar designs.

Honestly, this case deserves nothing less than the OC3D Enthusiast Grade Award. This review has had me thinking and rethinking about the kinds of PCs that I could build inside this case. The options are almost endless, and that is a wonderful thing.

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Lian Li X Dan Cases A3-mATX Video Review

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