Cooler Master V1100 and V1300 SFX Platinum PSU review

Introduction and Specifications

The world’s first 1300W SFX PSU – A master class in miniaturisation

Cooler Master have achieved a world first. The company’s new V1300 SFX Platinum power supply is the first 1300W SFX PSU on the market. No, this is not an extended SFX-L power supply, this is a standard SFX unit. This power supply is tiny, and honestly, the fact Cooler Master can deliver 1300 watts in this form factor is astounding.

Recent years have seen both CPUs and GPUs become more power-hungry. This has increased the power demands of high-end PCs, and has significantly increased the maximum power draws of small form factor systems. Cooler Master knows this, so they have worked to push the limits of the SFX form factor. This is what will allow them to power the most performant of mini ITX systems, even if CPU and GPU power draws continue to rise.

V1100 SFX Platinum, and V1300 SFX Platinum – A lot of power in a little space

To deliver such high power levels within the SFX form factor, Cooler Master has needed to deliver industry-leading power densities. Most PSUs with comparable power levels to this utilise the extended SFX-L form factor. With an extended PSU length, Cooler Master’s competitors have the space to create more their power supplies. Cooler Master didn’t compromise on form factor, opting instead to miniaturise every aspect of their design.

With their new V series SFX Platinum designs, Cooler Master has pushed the limits of PSU design and manufacturing. If you are reading this article on a desktop, it is likely that the image below is larger than the V1300 SFX Platinum is in reality. That’s how small the SFX form factor is.

(1000W Competitor SFX-L PSU VS Cooler Master’s V1100 SFX Platinum PSU)

Specifications and cables

Both the 1100W and 1300W versions of Cooler Master’s new SFX Platinum power supplies feature similar specifications. Both at 80+ Platinum rated SFX power supplies and both ship with the same cables and power outputs. The only real differentiator between these units is their power capacity. Otherwise, these PSUs are almost identical. Both PSUs are ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 compatible, and both feature Cooler Master’s angled 12VHPWR cables.

Out of the box both the V1100 SFX Platinum and V1300 SFX Platinum ship with a 300mm long ATX 24-pin power cable, a 450mm long EPS 4+4 cable, a 450mm long EPS 8-pin cable, an 8x SATA cable, a 4x Molex cable, three 400mm long PCIe 6+2-pin cable, and a single 400mm long 12VHPWR cable. Since this PSU’s 12VHPWR cable 12VHPWR on both ends, it can be easily replaced with custom CableMod cables if required.

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