Lian Li PC-A51 Review

Lian Li PC-51A

Up Close:  Roof, Rear and Base

A simple catch releases the single piece perforated aluminium vented top cover, under which we find a fine mesh filter.  The filter isn’t fitted as such, it simple rests on top of the fan mounts underneath, and as such is very easily removed, cleaned and replaced.  With the filter out of the way we see the PC-A51 has provision for a pair of either 120mm or 140mm fans.

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51


Round the back things are far from normal.  As the case has a front mounted PSU the first thing we note is that although the IEC mains lead socket is here, there’s no sign of a PSU cut out.  There is however plenty of ventilation, with seven perforated PCI slot covers, remembering that this is a reverse airflow set up though so the fan back here is actually an intake not an exhaust.

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51


The case is supported by four 3/4 inch high chromed metal feet, each of which is screwed securely to the base (take note Antec).  There’s also a set of mesh filters with the anterior being intended for down firing PSUs and the posterior for any additional floor fans you might wish to add.

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51