Lian Li PC-A51 Review

Lian Li PC-51A


As there are no plastic fasciae on this case there’s very little needs doing to strip it down.  The Aluminium front panel is secured in place by four small screws, which when removed allow it to be easily lifted away.  Doing so reveals the front PSU mount bracket and the other end of the IEC power cable (or kettle plug as most improperly call it).

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51


The front panel must also be removed if you want to clean the filter.  We’re not entirely sure why Lian Li have fitted a filter here, perhaps they themselves got confused and forgot this was an extract or maybe they’re just being generous and providing it should you wish to change the airflow direction.  Up at the very top we find the stripped down front I/O and front cover mechanism for the 5.25″ drive.  This mechanism is easily removed, as it has to be to fit a drive in here.

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51