Lian Li PC-A51 Review

Lian Li PC-51A

Up Close:  Interior Base, Roof, Rear and Reverse

Nope, that’s not where the PSU goes, We’ve done the PSU remember?  Do try and concentrate!  That’s where you can stick a floor mounted fan if you want to add airflow to the GPU and at the same time make the case look ugly.  Bear in mind how hard it will be to reach the connections on the bottom of the motherboard though and should you mount a fan there you can wave goodbye to the bottom PCI slot.  Turning the camera to look up into the rear and roof we can see the 120mm intake fan, again with fan guard.  There’s also a large rubber grommeted cable management hole up here for the 8 pin CPU and any fan cables.  This angle also affords us a better view of the 120mm and 140mm fan mounts.

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51


Although it might look pretty clean back here there’s actually a lot going on.  For starters there’s the positively chasm like 27mm of cable management space, which means we’ll get a nice big trough in which to hide unwanted cables.  The rear of the case also shows the power cable running along the bottom from its insertion near where our measurement was taken at the back end.

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51


Although there may only be three management holes they are at least of good size, with good quality grommets.  What is missing is the usual spread of punched cable tie points that we’re used to round the back side of a motherboard tray.  Instead Lian Li have opted for just two cable clip devices running up the centre line of the reverse.  We’re not sure whether this is going to be enough as they don’t actually seem that large to us and are for the greater part already full with the front I/O cables.  That and the fact that there are only two of them.

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51


The images below show the reverse side of the HDD mount area both with and without the thumb bolts that hold the cantilever HDD bays in place

Lian Li PC-A51     Lian Li PC-A51