Lian Li TYR PC-X500 Chassis

Lian Li TYR PC-X500 ReviewIntroduction
Founded in 1983, Lian Li Industrial Co.Ltd. have gained an excellent reputation for the build quality, engineering and styling of their products. Stylish, outwardly simplistic designs and great functionality have made the Lian Li chassis a favourite with PC modders. You may have heard of the TYR PC-X2000, which is a behemoth of a chassis. The X2000 has a little brother, the TYR PC-X500, and it is this chassis that we shall be reviewing today. Lian Li have classed the chassis as a Super Mid Tower, and it’s aimed at the gaming/HTPC PC builder. Our friends over at A-One Distribution have kindly supplied us with a review sample. 
So let’s see what Lian Li have to say about the X500:
“In 2008, the new TYR series, with new style, new structure, and better quality! The whole internal has been anodized in black. There are also protection kit to protect user’s hand and cables. When come to users’ safety, all the detail counts.
The new TYR series, PC-X500 is the case which functionality and style converge. Open the side panel with the tool-less latch, the removable HDD cages, 2 x120mm silent intake fans with filter, 2 x 120mm silent exhaust fans, and top mounted multi-media I/O ports have been redesigned – because when it comes to your comfort, every detail counts.”
Here are the X500’s specifications from the Lian Li website:
Model: TYR PC-X500
Case Type: Super Mid Tower Case
Dimensions: 230 x 380 x 585 mm ( W, D, H)
Front bezel Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Side Panel: Aluminum + Sound Insulation Material
Body Material: Aluminum
5.25″ drive bay (Ext): 2
3.5″ drive bay (Ext): 1
3.5″ drive bay (Int): 4
Expansion Slot: 7
Motherboard: M-ATX, ATX
System Fan (Front): 2 x 120mm Fan ( 1020-1200-1500RPM, Factory set to mid speed)
System Fan (Rear): 2 x 120mm Fan ( 1020-1200-1500RPM, Factory set to mid speed)
I/O Ports: USB2.0 x 4, IEEE1394 x 1, E-SATA x1, HD+AC97 Audio
The X500 chassis features two separate thermal zones, with the first being the area where the drive bays and PSU are located. The second is where the motherboard and main components are housed. As with the X500’s big brother, the 5.25″ drive bays are side mounted, and we will discuss this further later on in the review. There are some unique touches to this case but are they enough to earn Lian Li’s claimed title of ‘The Ultimate Gaming/HTPC chassis? We shall see.
So without further ado, let’s take a look at the packaging and contents on the next page.