Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon MCE

Matrix Orbital have been around for some time, 1995 to be precise. In that time they have engineered and manufactured LCD solutions to the advanced technology, defense and aerospace industries. Matrix Orbital then became the leading name for those wanting a powerful yet flexible approach to configurable information display units. Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Matrix Orbital are now the no.1 suppliers of such units and with the advent of the computer modder, have now enjoyed the same success in the PC market.
The latest incarnation of the Matrix Orbital is the GX Typhoon featuring a TRI-Colour display and in our case, a Media Centre Edition remote or  GX24064-TC-BBI-MCE which is the version we will be reviewing today.
Specification & Dimensions
All specifications and technical drawings were taken directly from Matrix Orbital.
Spec Sheet
Filling one drive bay slot, the Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon should fit in any case should you have a spare drive bay and the only power requirement is a USB header, no extra power is needed which is a bonus for those who are limited on PSU connectors and cable tidy freaks alike.
Lets take a look at the package itself…