Mountain Mods Ascension PC Case


Choosing a case in today’s market is a very difficult affair. First you need to decide what you want from a case, be it aesthetics, functionality, style, space, cooling capability. Few cases offer them all. The decision is made even harder when you visit enthusiast forums who’s members all seem to have there own favourites. Few other components create greater debate than a case with it being such a personal item to house your hidden hardware.
While there is no doubting there are some excellent cases on the market, they are still tower cases at the end of the day. To get the absolute maximum benefit from watercooling, many of the cases require at least a little modifying – something many are reluctant to do when the case costs the thick end of £200. Add additional powder coating and radiator cuts and the cost soon doubles. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a case, pre-modded, pre-coated with enough space to house a nuclear reactor and the cooling capacity to keep it in check? Step forward Mountain Mods.
The USA based company is located in the small town of Hood River, Oregon, nestled between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams and was established in June 2003. Their first product, the U2-UFO was a basic, brushed aluminium cube that set tongues wagging throughout the enthusiast community. This design has evolved many times over thanks to feedback from consumers and forum members alike along with the company constantly striving to both improve the case and improve the manufacturing standards. Today, Mountain Mods offer numerous case designs, each with it’s own ‘mods’ for the consumer to choose from.
Most recently, they have introduced their first modular Tower case in the form of the Pinnacle 24 allowing a quad radiator AND a triple radiator to be fitted. How many cases do you know that can do that? You can also CYO (Choose Your Own) panels to make your case unique, making the Mountain Mods case  truly hyper-modular with, for example, over 1000 different configurations to choose from in just the Ascension model we have for review today! The possibilities really are endless allowing the consumer to design there own case, for their own needs, from the ground up.
Once you have decided on your case format, you will then need to decide on the paint finish as well as your colour choice. Black wrinkle, Gloss white powdercoat, anodised or plain brushed aluminium are just some of the finishes available. Once painted up it’s time to make your window decisions. Made of 3mm acrylic, smoked, green, blue, red – the choice is yours. The decisions don’t stop there though, how about engraving to make your case truly unique? This is not a problem for Mountain Mods who will happily engrave any or all of your windows panels. This is a uniqueness that sets Mountain Mods apart from all other case manufacturers and something that has gained the company a loyal following.
The Mountain Mods Ascension case we have for review today is the culmination of feedback from enthusiasts wanting the absolute best from a PC case with no compromises. Over the next few pages, I will be casting my critical eye over every detail to see if this agenda has been met but before that, let’s take a look at the manufacturing process…