NZXT H510 Flow Case Review

NZXT H510 Flow Case Review

Reviewed – NZXT’s H510 Flow


Things are changing within the PC gaming market. The latest graphics cards are more power-hungry than their predecessors, and that factor alone has made controlling thermals an increasingly important factor for today’s PC builders. 

Today’s graphics card often requires larger heatsinks, more power connectors and larger fans to remain cool. Still, those design considerations are for nought if your PC’s enclosure lacks the necessary ventilation to direct cool air towards your system’s hottest components. When 300+W graphics cards are becoming increasingly common, it is easy to see why many modern case designs are focusing on airflow. 

Today, we will be looking at NZXT’s H510 Flow chassis, an updated H510 chassis that features a meshed front. This new model is designed to deliver direct airflow into the enclosure, allowing the components inside to be better cooled and operate more efficiently. This increased airflow should allow GPUs to run cooler and quieter, both of which are considerable benefits to gamers. 

 NZXT delivers increased airflow with their new H510 Flow chassis 

So what’s changed? Is this better than a standard H510? 

Not much. To put things simply, this is a modified NZXT H510, offering users improved ventilation at the front of the enclosure and some minor redesigns elsewhere to make the case’s meshed front panel removable. 

Internally, this is the same H510 that many of us know and love. NZXT has simply added mesh to some areas of the case and taken it away from other areas. The H510 Flow’s right-side panel is now plain, as the vented side panels of the original H510 have been made redundant with the H510 Flow’s direct airflow design. 

The H510 Flow is an evolutionary design, re-jigging an existing case design to meet the needs of today’s PC builders. Aside from this case’s increased airflow, little has changed compared to older H510 series case designs.  

Pricing, Radiator Support and Included Fans

NZXT’s H510 Flow costs £89.99 in the UK and ships with Black and White colour options. The case, by default, ships with two fans, with one 120mm fan at the front and another at the rear of the case. An additional 120/140mm fan can be installed at the top of the H510 Flow and an additional fan can be mounted at the front of the enclosure. 

Fans of liquid cooling can mount a 240mm or a 280mm radiator at the front of the H510 Flow, utilising the case’s dual 120/140mm fan mounts. Like other H510 series cases, the H510 features two 3.5-inch HDD mounts, two 2.5-inch HDD/SSD mounts and a single hybrid 2.5/3.5-inch drive mount. 

Clearance-wise, the case supports GPUs that are up to 360mm long, CPU coolers that are up to 165mm tall and features between 19mm and 23mm of cable clearance between the case’s motherboard tray and back panel. I/O-wise, the case supports a single USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, a single USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port and an audio input/output jack.