OCZ Gladiator MAX CPU Cooler


The OCZ Gladiator Max is a direct evolution of its forbear, the OCZ Vendetta and as such we expected great results. We were not disappointed as the Gladiator performed well beating both the Intel Stock cooler and Asus Triton comfortably. It wasn’t until we overclocked our CPU to 3.8ghz that the OCZ began to struggle against the more expensive Asus Triton 81.

Considering that the Gladiator ‘makes do’ with a single 120mm fan against the Tritons 2x92mm fan configuration I was surprised it did so well. It was certainly much quieter than the Triton when pushed which is key for most aircooled setups. Not only that but it weighs in £10 cheaper (+the skt1366 kit which could make up the difference) making it a sensible choice for those looking for a high performing cooler which won’t make your ears or your wallet bleed.

Given the choice, my money would certainly go on the Gladiator as overall it’s the better of the two heatsinks but only just. It’s a good performer, a good looker and runs very quiet. While these attributes are admirable, I can’t help feeling there is better to come so for now I will hold off giving this cooler a prestigious award and simply award it our recommended badge until we have a wider choice of i7 compatible coolers from which to draw a more complete picture.

The Good
– Whisper quiet even when under load
– Included 120mm Fan
– No clearance issues despite it’s size
– Anti Vibration fan mounts

The Mediocre
– Fiddly fitment of socket brackets
– No i7 compatibility in stock state (Available separately)

The Bad
– Nothing to Report

Thanks to OCZ for providing the Gladiator Max for Todays Review. Discuss in our forums.