OrigenAE X10 HTPC Case


So you’re in the market for a HTPC case. You’ve seen the offerings from most of the large companies, but none of them have the quality and the finishing touches for you to consider them setting next to your high end Amplifier and Widescreen TV.

Enter OrigenAE. Established as Uneed International in 2000, and later renaming themselves to OrigenAE in mid 2005, OrigenAE have rapidly grown into the worlds leading HTPC enclosure producer.

Today I’ll be taking a look at their mid-range X10 model that has a lot to live up to for its £210 price tag.


The X10 arrived in mint condition from the guys at Specialtech. No extra packaging was required, as OrigenAE had already placed the case securely inside a double walled cardboard box with large polystyrene inserts.

OrigenAE Box OrigenAE Box

OrigenAE Box OrigenAE Box

The box its self has the OrigenAE logo’s displayed on the front and sides, along with a sticker informing the user exactly what model is inside. Here we can see that I have received the silver version of the X10.

Also displayed on the box are some of the basic specs of the case, including: Full ATX PSU and Motherboard support, all Aluminium construction and firewire/usb/audio front ports.

OrigenAE Plastic OrigenAE Remote
The case and remote control are kept in pristine condition by large plastic bags. It is worth noting that the remote control is supplied with 2xAA batteries. Not your usual cheap batteries either, but Philips, which should give you a good few months usage.