Scythe Kaze Master Fan Controller

Introduction  Scythe logo
Scythe are a name synonymous with aftermarket cooling products that work well out of the box and usually have the looks to match. Around the middle of last year we were given the opportunity to review the Scythe Kama Meter Fan Controller which was a great performing little unit.  While the Kama Meter had a few small flaws, it still manages to be quite a popular fan controller. Here’s part of what I had to say about the Scythe Kama Meter:
Admittedly, I had a couple of niggles with Scythe regarding the non-provision of sleeved cabling and the extreme temperatures required for the alarm to sound in the event of heat problems should they arise. I believe that the rectification of these issues would make the Scythe Kama Meter an extremely well rounded contender for any enthusiasts dollar. And I should clarify that the Kama Meter as it stands now, even with these issues is still well worth a solid look. And cable sleeving kits really aren’t that expensive.
Scythe Kaze MasterToday, Overclock3D has been given the opportunity to take a look at Scythe’s latest addition to their fan controller line – the Scythe Kaze Master. The Scythe Kaze Master, like the Kama Meter, is both a fan controller and a temperature monitoring device. The Kaze Master is able to control and monitor up to 4 fans, and monitor the temperatures of 4 items independently. Let’s see what Scythe has to say about the Kaze Master:
Stylish 3.5inch / 5.25inch Multi Channel Fan Controller to control up to 2 fans(3.5inch) / 4 fans(5.25inch), and display up to 2 temperature (3.5inch) / 4 temperature (5.25inch) figures. Passive safety alarm feature is build-in to safely monitor and protect your systems! You have also “fan stop function” by turning the knob to counter-clockwise all the way to stop the fan. Not to forget the stylish wide view angle and high contrast VFD display to provide clear viewing.
As you can see the Scythe Kaze Master comes in both 3.5″ and 5.25″ flavours and features a VFD display which should provide a nice, bright and easily viewable screen. Let’s begin the review by taking a look at the specifications:
Model Name: Kaze Master 5.25 (5.25inch Version)

Model Number:
KM01-BK (Black)
KM01-SL (Silver)

Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

Dimension: 148.5 x 42.5 x 63 mm (WxHxD)

Display Dimension: 114 x 20 mm

DC Input: 5V or 12V (From PC Power Supply)

Fan Adjustment Range: 3.7V (±10%) ï½Å¾ 12V (±10%)

Fan Channel: 4

Maximum Fan Ampere per Channel: 1A per channel

Fan Speed Range: 0  – 7500rpm (Display Range: 30rpm Incremental)
* Package indicates the maximum range as 9990rpm, but the actual range is 7500rpm.

Temperature Module Channel: 4

Temperature Range: 0 – 100°C / 32 – 199.9°F

Measurement Frequency: Every 2 Seconds

Weight: 165g

You will notice that I have only included the specifications for the 5.25″ Scythe Kaze Master; simply because the 5.25″ version is the one I’m reviewing. The 3.5″ specifications aren’t that far removed from that of the larger unit, but if you’d like to see them they can be found here.