Silverstone Cooler: Nitrogen NT03


Silverstone are well known for their Top-Class cases and solid power supplies. Recently Silverstone has started to dabble in the world of processor cooling.

The Nitrogen series (or NT Series) are a series of coolers of various shapes and sizes. I am taking a look at the smallest of their coolers: the NT03. Will it’s diminutive size hold it back?


Silverstone generally do a top job of their packaging and the NT03 is no exception. The outside of the box contains good product information and has a nice window in it to allow you to see what your buying.

silverstone NT03
If it was in a retail store, Silverstone’s packaging would definately stand out on the shelves.
silverstone nt03
The inside of the box is nothing short of excellent. Silverstone have followed a tradition of making sure that their cooler is packaged more than adequately for it’s purpose.
There was no way that this cooler would have been damaged in transit, even if the box was badly damaged (which this one wasn’t).

What you get

The NT03 comes with a lot of extra parts that make your life a little bit easier when fixing it together.

There is a fan extension cable for putting both the fans on one fan header and a retention bracket for both AMD and Intel. Silverstone have also included some cooling solution in with the package that looks to be some kind of ceramique-like thermal paste.

nt03 bundle

nt03 bundle 2

Let’s see if the cooler works as good as it is packaged…