SilverStone DS380 Review

SilverStone DS380 Review


It would be very easy to look at the DS380 as a simple home NAS box or simple and cheap SFF file server however to do so would be doing it an injustice.  It’s fair to say that the Small form factor case is definitely rising in popularity, and that a good few of us are looking to move our PCs from the spare room to the lounge.   However, one of the main issues encountered by enthusiasts looking to go down the SFF route is that of finding a case able to provide sufficient storage for their burgeoning media library, whilst at the same time offering support for modern Motherboards and decent GPUs.

With eight removable hot swap external HDD/SSD bays and an additional four internal SSD bays the DS380 certainly seems to have the bases covered when it comes to storage.  It’s also able to accept standard M-ITX boards and decent sized GPUs so if you’re the sort of chap with a media collection to rival Rupert Murdoch’s and are perhaps looking to combine this with some SteamBox or home NAS action, then the DS380 might be worth a look.  We certainly thought so.

Technical Specification

 Dimensions  211x285x360 (WxHxD)
 Material  Aluminium and SECC
 Motherboard support  M-ITX, DTX
 Storage  8×3.5″/2.5″ External, 4×2.5″ internal
 PCI  2

 Rear:  1x120mm @ 1200rpm 22dB(A)

 Side:  2x120mm @1200rpm 22dB(A)

 Front I/O  2xUSB3.0 Audio in/out
 Max CPU cooler Height  57mm
 Max GPU length  11″ long, 4.38″ wide



  • Support 12 total drives with 8 hot-swappable 3.5” or 2.5” SAS/SATA and 4 fixed 2.5” drives

  • Unbelievable storage space and versatility for small form factor

  • Premium brushed aluminium front door

  • Support graphics card up to 11” with supporter design from TJ08-E

  • Lockable power button design and adjustable LED from GD07

    Includes three 120mm fans with filtered intake vents