Silverstone Raven RVZ01 Review

Silverstone Raven RVZ01 Review


If you’re an OC3D frequent flyer you’ll have noticed we’ve been reviewing an increasing number of Small form factor (SFF) cases of late.  The particularly attentive amongst you will also have noticed we’re featuring ever more capable and feature rich M-ITX motherboards.  Now factor in the impending approach of the Steam OS and the projection that a proportion of PC based gaming will move from the bedroom to the living room and thus necessitate the building or purchase of ready made Steam-Boxes and you’ll start to see how all this hangs together.  Deciding which technology is in the driving seat here is a bit of a chicken and egg situation and is largely irrelevant, either way we the consumers are benefitting from this little (ahem) arms race.

Of course SFF cases are nothing new to the chaps at Silverstone, they’ve been making some very stylish and very high quality SFF cases for years and so are somewhat Past Masters.  Not being a company to rest on its laurels though they’ve set about bringing the Raven styling to an SFF box which at only 105mm high will nestle nicely beneath a TV.  Oh, and did we mention that despite its diminutive stature the RVZ01 is still able to take 13″ long GPUs?  As you might imagine, to accomplish this Silverstone have had to be pretty clever with the internals


Technical specification 

 Material  Steel with Plastic
 Colour  Black
 Dimensions  382x105x350mm (WxHxD)
 Motherboard Support  M-ITX, DTX
 Internal Storage  1×3.5″, 3×2.5″
 External Storage  1xslim ODD
 PCI slots  2
 Front I/O  2xUSB3.0 Audio In/Out

 Top:    1 x slim 120mm 1500rpm 18db(A)

 Base:  1 x slim 120mm 1500rpm 18db(A)

           1 x slim 120mm optional

 Max GPU dimensions  Max length 13″, Max height 5.88″
 Max CPU cooler Height  83mm



– Supports graphics cards up to 33cm
– Mini-ITX motherboard, power supply SFX-enabled
– Maximum performance in slim form factor with support for liquid cooling
– Pressure design for excellent cooling, low noise and preventing dust formation
– Fits in nearly any environment with horizontal or vertical orientation