Sunbeam Silent Whisper K8


These days more and more people are looking to have silent PC’s. People are getting sick of the “jet taking off” sound when they fire up their rig, but they don’t want to sacrafice their overclocks either. Manufacturers have been adapting to this, by implementing heatpipes and changing loud fans to quiet ones, adding more fins to increase surface area, etc. Sunbeam is one of those manufacturers, releasing their Silent Whisper K8 series.


The Sunbeam Silent Whisper K8 comes in a nice colorful box with pictures and information about the heatsink on every side.

Taking a closer look at the box, you’ll notice that it boasts its features, like a frameless grilled fan, heatpipes, etc. On the back it clearly lists the specifications of the fan and heatsink.


K8 Version
Fan Speed 1800 RPM
Weight 504 g
Socket Type Socket 754 / 939 / 940
AMD Sempron (Socket 754)
AMD Athlon 64 all frequencies
AMD Opteron all frequencies

Thermal Resistance
Silent Whisper 775 Version 0.19
Intel Stock Cooler 0.26
Silent Whisper K8 Version 0.20
AMD Stock Cooler 0.34

Noise Level
Silent Whisper 775 Version 25 DBA
Intel Stock Cooler 38 DBA
Silent Whisper K8 Version 23 DBA
AMD Stock Cooler 34 DBA