Thermalright Silver Arrow vs Noctua NH-D14

Thermalright Silver Arrow


Thermalright pretty much rewrote the blue-print on what a CPU Cooler should be when they released the TRUE 120. This was a monster tower cooler that quickly became the cooler of choice for the Intel socket 775 processors.

With the release of the Core i7 series though a new solution was required to tame the heat that these put out, and eventually it settled upon Noctua, with the NH-D14, to stand atop the mountain and take over the number one slot. Many companies have tried to knock it off its perch without success.

Thermalright have re-entered the battle with the immense Silver Arrow, a cooler than follows the Noctua trend of twin towers and twin fans. Can it really take over the premium position?

We’re here to find out in the battle of the Heavyweight champions. Please put on your best Michael Buffer…

In the Blue corner weighing in at 825g, hailing from Taiwan, the challenger, the Thermalright Silver Arrow.

In the, erm, Brown corner weighing 1070g with fans, the Austrian Powerhouse, the Champion of the World Noctua NH-D14.

Of course we’re all familiar with the Noctua NH-D14 as it’s been our reigning Best In Class for some time now. If you’re unfamiliar with it then you can catch up by clicking here. As for the Thermalright Silver Arrow, let’s take a look at what the Challenger is bringing to the party.

Special Features

    * 4 X 8mm large sintered heatpipes efficiently removing heat away from the CPU, allowing for great Overclocking potential.
    * Nickel Plated Base and Heatpipes, increase the longevity of the heatsink by slowing oxidation and deterioration rates.
    * Double fin stack design, provides each tower with an impressive 147 x 103mm of surface area for heat dissipation
    * Special Arrow fin design, allowing cool air to pass through while rapidly moving heat away.
    * Soldered Copper Base, ensure the highest of Thermal conduction.
    * Support for Multiple-Platforms: Intel Socket 1366/1156/775 & AM2/AM3 .
    * Includes Two TY Series Ultra Low noise 160*140*25mm PWN controlled fan .


    * Heatsink Dimensions: Length 147mm x Width 123mm x Height 160mm
    * Cooler weight: 825 g (excluding Retention Hardware and Fan) .
    * Heat-pipe: 8mm Sintered Heat-pipe x4 units
    * Cooler Base Material: C1100 Pure Copper with Nickel Plating
    * Fan Compatibly: 120x25mm / 140x25mm / 120x38mm
    * Fan dimensions: Length 160mm x Width 25mm x Height 140mm
    * Fan Speed: 500~1300RPM
    * Fan Air flow: 28~73.6CFM
    * Fan Noise Level: 17~21dBA