AMD FX8150 CPU Review

AMD FX8150 CPU Review


It seems an eternity ago now that we first heard about the Bulldozer processors from AMD. 

Indeed we’ve been expecting them for so long that it was six months ago when we reviewed the first 990FX board that was all ready for the next generation of CPUs, but finally the wait is over and we have our hands upon the the premium, top of the range, flagship AMD Bulldozer processor, the eight core FX8150.

Yes this is the first 8 core CPU that we’ve had the pleasure of testing. Despite the huge amount of cores this is being priced and marketed directly at the Intel Core i5-2500K. Given our large experience with this chip and the fact that the FX8150 has twice the amount of cores and a much faster clock speed, we’re expecting a slaughter.

We know you can’t wait to see how it goes so let’s crack on. We’ve a lot to get through.

Technical Specifications

Before we get to the new architecture, there is a range of CPUs coming out to fill every niche from the bargain basement to the enthusiast. You can see that our top range FX8150 not only has 8 cores to play with, but a whopping 8MB of both L3 and L2 cache, as well as a Turbo mode that puts it past 4GHz. Highly impressive numbers we are sure you’ll agree.

AMD FX8150 CPU Review