ASUS Prime Z490-A Review

ASUS Prime Z490-A Preview

Up Close – More Detail

The Prime has two 22110 M.2 slots for all your superfast storage needs, with the primary one beneath a very attractive heatspreader.

ASUS Prime Z490-A M.2  

Tucked away between the PCIe x1 slot and the back heatsink are the headers for a system fan and your AIO pump. Funny how, not that long ago, AIOs were crazy things for the rich overclocker and now nearly everyone uses them.

ASUS Prime Z490-A Fan Headers  

We were hoping that by the time the Z490 motherboards had launched we would have a little more information about the power phases on the Z490-A Prime, but so far it proves elusive. Let’s quote ASUS so that you’ll know as much as we do :

A VRM with 12+2 DrMOS power stages delivers the power and efficiency that the latest Intel processors demand.

ASUS Prime Z490-A Power Stage  

We’ll never get used to the white stripes on the back of the Prime. We understand why they do it, but it just gives us a headache. Thankfully once it’s installed you never see it, but look at it here in max-o-vision it’s a bit too much. First up we have the HDMI 1.4b and DisplayPort 1.4 outputs alongside some USB 2.0 ports for your keyboard and mouse. Yes, HDMI 1.4b.

ASUS Prime Z490-A Connectivity  

Moving further down the Prime there are the full suite of USB 3.2 Gen1 and Gen2 ports in Type-A and Type-C styles.

ASUS Prime Z490-A USB Ports  

Whilst the bottom has us with the Intel I225-V 2.5G LAN that is a key features on all the Z490 motherboards. With the audio jacks for the Realtek S1220A sitting in their usual spot.

ASUS Prime Z490-A Audio 

Of course the next thing to do is to put it all together and grab out test suite to find out how the ASUS Prime Z490-A actually performs.