ASUS ROG X470 Crosshair VII Hero Review

ASUS ROG X470 Crosshair VII Hero Preview


We often talk about how modern hardware is so well refined that instead of being forced into one particular item of hardware because it’s the one that provides the best performance, you’re now able to pick which products you buy based upon feature set, or cost, or simple brand loyalty, without feeling that in doing so you’re compromising your setup.

The X470 chipset definitely falls into this category as is clear from our benchmark graphs. The positioning of each model might vary slightly but if you pay close attention to the actual numbers being put out it is obvious that there is very little to choose between either of the three flagship motherboards.

We can also take this opportunity to mention how good the updated AMD Precision Boost technology is. We took a huge amount of time transferring the overclock of a single core into one that was stable across all eight of our Ryzen 7 2700X, yet in actuality the results weren’t massively improved from a stock setup that just automatically boosts depending upon load. Should you be slightly averse to overclocking your new expensive hardware then you can be confident that even in a plug-and-play setup the Crosshair VII Hero has enough performance to keep you happy.

All Republic of Gamers motherboards have outstanding aesthetics and rich feature sets and the Crosshair VII Hero is no exception. With plenty of RGB headers, addressable headers, fan headers, dedicated pump headers and USB extensions in all three configurations – USB 2.0, 3.0 and USB 3.1 – there is more than enough connectivity to keep even the most ardent collector of peripherals happy.

Of the three main flagship models on test today we think the Crosshair VII Hero is probably the most enthusiast based one. There are so many trick bits of hardware and places to plug things in that if you’re a gamer who needs to have their HOTAS, Wheel, gamepad and the like all installed at the same time, with plenty of slots left over for webcams and microphones to stream with, then the Crosshair VII Hero has to be the choice. It bristles with options. Okay it might not have the ‘in your face’ lighting of the Gigabyte, but that’s about the only area that it is obviously deficient, and even that can be overcome by making full use of the AURA Sync lighting headers.

The Republic of Gamers brand has been a byword for high end quality products since its inception and the Crosshair VII Hero is no exception, providing excellent performance and a wealth of options to keep even the most demanding user satisfied.

ASUS ROG X470 Crosshair VII Hero Review  

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