Asus P67 1155 Sandybridge Sneak Peak

Asus P67 1155 Sandybridge Sneak Peak


I suppose there isn’t much more that can be said at this stage as we are unable to confirm anything pertaining to performance and general capability. What we can tell you is that Asus’ P67 range shows great promise for everyone. You can expect to purchase a LGA1155 motherboard for very reasonable money and still enjoy a number of notable features. Likewise, even the performance crazed lunatics and stability freaks have something available for them – at a premium of course.

A major caveat with the new platform will be the CPU product lineup, which has not been confirmed yet. If we were to guess that the Sandy bridge Lineup will sport processors ranging from 2.60GHz to 3.40GHz, this could mean that BCLK overclocking could be limited to as little as 300-500MHz. Assuming the worst, then bang per buck overclockers better pray hard for a budget multiplier unlocked unit.

Regardless, we genuinely hope that this article has helped kindle some additional interest in the new platform as we feel it has much to offer. Moreover, we also hope that other manufacturers take this article as an open invitation to show us their latest innovations as we are keen to see some healthy competition. At least when considering all photographs and leaked details of P67 boards by competitors, it really does appear as though the consumer will have many high quality products to choose from at launch. Without doubt, we are looking forward to assessing these products to make the decision process easier for you all.

An exciting few months lie ahead. Until then, do stay tuned to our forums.